Hydrolyzed-Fish-CollagenCommercial Application
A unique product  that can be used as a protein additive in nutraceutical, cosmetic, or food applications and will meet purity requirements of the US, European & Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Retail Containers
A pure protein manufactured in NS, Canada from the skin of deep-sea, wild fish. Helps promote healthy skin, nails, hair and joints. Easy to digest. Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.  Mix with your favorite drink or food.

Our retail containers are packaged in 300 gram bottles (30 day supply each) and prices are as follows:
1-12 jars: $30.43 ea + shipping & taxes
>13 jars: $26.08 ea + shipping & taxes
>25 jars: $24.35 ea + shipping & taxes
>50 jars: $22.61 ea + shipping & taxes

Please contact to order

pdfRetail Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Brochure

For our US visitors/customers please contact:
 or www.puremarinecollagen.com



Our Raw Material Safety Data Sheets provide information on the safety of our products and any of their additives.
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