Kenney & Ross Limited (K&R) is a manufacturer and international exporter of high quality gelatin and collagen products made from wild caught fish species.

We use fish skins from species such as cod and haddock to produce food, pharmaceutical and technical grade fish gelatin to the highest quality and standards.

All our fish skins are supplied by federally approved food fish processing facilities and all our products are tested by accredited third party laboratories for purity, safety, and allergens.

Established in 1945 and located in Port Saxon, on Nova Scotia‚Äôs South Shore, Kenney & Ross Limited is dedicated to producing natural, pure products. We do not use any genetically modified organisms, additives, or preservatives in the production of the food/pharmaceutical grade fish gelatin and fish collagens.  We are also a provider of Kosher and Halal Approved Fish Gelatin and Collagen.

Thorough research and development, enables Kenney & Ross to continually advance product quality and purity to create the best products on the market today.



Our Raw Material Safety Data Sheets provide information on the safety of our products and any of their additives.
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View our Technical Data sheets for specifications on our Kenney & Ross finished products
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